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Aetna Health Insurance Background

Aetna is one of the largest American health insurance companies offering Medical insurance plans. Aetna is dedicated to provide expatriates with comprehensive healthcare plans. Founded in 1853, Aetna has offices in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Miami and Jakarta. With a wide Direct Billing network around the world, Aetna is able to offer its clients comprehensive healthcare plans and timely up-dated information regarding their Direct Settlement network. Aetna is a popular insurance brand with a long history. It has been operating in America for more than 150 years and it is believed that over 40 million Americans are covered with Aetna through many medical insurance programs.

No doubt, Aetna is a popular insurer. They also plays a major role in the national Medical care program -- a hugely successful project especially among the senior citizens in the country. The services come in three forms, i.e. Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare medicines Prescription plans.

The Strength of Aetna

Aimed at providing high-quality health benefits, first-class medical services and a wide range of traditional and consumer-directed healthcare insurance products. Aetna’s services encompass medical, pharmaceutical, dental, behavioral health, group life, long-term care and medical management capabilities. With some 400,000 global members and offices in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Aetna is working with medical plan sponsors, healthcare systems and government entities to create globally effective, yet locally accessible health management solutions for clients wherever and whenever they need. In order to fully understand the needs of its clients, Aetna pays careful attention to market changes and release flexible insurance plan adjusting to the need of the market.

Not many insurers in the industry can boast as huge a partnership of healthcare providers under the Aetna umbrella. Its network of over 4,600 hospitals and close to half a million physicians in the US is hard to beat. They excelled at integrating these many participating players to the extent that customers can easily identify if any institution or medical practitioner is part of that huge network through its online Aetna Provider Finder.

In order to maintain its status as one of the leading insurers and offering competitive corporate plans and affordable individual plans, Aetna spared great efforts to improve its direct-billing network construction as well as its worldwide flexible insurance plan. In partnership with several medical facilities, Aetna has established firm affiliations with major medical centers globally. All these qualifications enable Aetna’s policyholders to receive the highest standard of treatment in a timely manner and enjoy the privileged personal care in a professional way.

Aetna in China

Aetna entered the Chinese market through their partnership with Chinese insurance company Huatai.  For Individual plans Aetna currently offers four plans, namely, major medical plan; foundation plan; lifestyle plan and lifestyle plan plus maternity. Major medical plan in another word is an inpatient/hospitalization-only plan and foundation plan deals with major medical outpatient. Lifestyle plan can be divided into two subsidiary plans and the former one called foundation while the latter one chronic condition plan restricted to outpatient-only. Lifestyle plus maternity plan, just as its name implied, covers the cost of delivery as well. With the assistance of Aetna’s China-only healthcare plans, this company, outshining other leading insurers, proves its rich experience in Asian insurance industry and its competence to fully help and protect the clients.

Our focus has always been for clients to get the most appropriate and adequate advice in term of International Health Insurance needs of individuals and businesses in China. This is our motivation and continue to follow this route tomake sure you find the most suitable Health Insurance plan for your personal and/or business needs. Our premiums are competitive out service include free professional service and admin during the length of your plan.

Our relationship with our healthcare partners is totally transparent and our fee is levied only at the point of your purchase of a relevant medical insurance plan. You can rest assured that what you pay does not go towards some hidden fees. This is the reason why our customers have chosen to work with Azuria Life; safety is a precious Healthcare asset.