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Allianz Health Insurance background

The Allianz Group started in 1890. Today it is a renowned international service company with presence in insurance, banking and asset management.

There are about 155,000 individuals under its payroll and Allianz Group currently services about 75 million customers from its offices that are situated across 70 countries. In 1974, the company expanded its operations to include property and casualty insurance services in USA, under the name of Allianz of America.

It then subsequently added another entity named Allianz Worldwide Care to target specifically the international health insurance market. The company is famous for its "clear to zero" initiative, a program that promises it will process all fully filled claim forms, keep customers in the loop and sent out remittance advice to beneficiary banks inside two days period.

Allianz Worldwide Care is a perennial favorite among the many international expatriates who travel widely. This is helped by the fact that the company is extremely customer orientated, paying close attention to feedbacks from customers as well as running a 24 x 7 emergency helpline.

When it comes to products marketed by Allianz Worldwide Care, two prominent details stand up: flexibilities and comprehensiveness. The company is also especially geared towards operational transparency and service excellence. All these factors have been credited to drive its superior customer service and customer relationship handling -- both areas are greatly appreciated by its customers.

You will find in the national health insurance plans by Allianz Worldwide Care which will cater to your needs. If more assistance can be useful, please feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Company Milestone

  • Standard & Poor's announced the company being A- rating company in 2008
  • During the Health Insurance Awards in 2005, it was acknowledged as "Best International Private Medical Provider".

From a decent start-up in Berlin in 1890, Allianz AG has since moved the headquarter over to Munich by 1949. It first made its international foray at the end of the 19th century when the London branch office was established. Throughout the 70s, the organization was busy setting up offices across countries such as Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the United States and Brazil.

Allianz as an International Player

Allianz took over Dresdner Bank, a massive German bank, back in 2001. The take over action has resulted Allianz Global Investors - an entity that focused primarily on asset management. Today, the group as a whole employs some 180,000 people spanning across 70 countries. Allianz SE, located in Munich, remains as the holding company which oversees the chain of operations worldwide. It boasts of about 60 million customers internationally and it markets quite a wide range of products and services, e.g. property and casualty insurance, life and health cover, asset management and banking.

For the international expatriate community, Allianz is a company that earns their admiration and respect due to its impressive array of international health insurance plans. Some common characteristics that define the healthcare products by Allianz are:

  • Competent support -- round-the-clock international helpline with multilingual support.
  • Medical advices -- 24 x 7 phone service that customers are able to seek advices on broad issues such as medical treatments, dietary and nutrition information, medicine use and overseas coverage.
  • Medical evacuation -- a promise from Allianz that it will extract you to the closest medical provider when you run into an emergency situation, no matter where you happen to be.
  • Network of medical providers -- in USA, Allianz has successfully built a wide network that incorporates local insurance companies as well as domestic healthcare administrators. All customers are entitled to take advantage of the service provided by some 4000 hospitals and 460,000 physicians within the network.

At Azuria Life, we are committed in our role as insurance advisor. Therefore our primary function is to look out for the interests of our clients and not those of the International Medical Insurance providers.

We strive to provide our clients with accurate and qualified information, so that they are able to benefit from their choices of international health insurance products. That has been our motivation, still is, and will continue to be, as we make sure you find the most optimum Health Insurance plan for your personal and/or business needs.

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