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Cigna Insurance background

With a history that spans over 200 years, CIGNA is widely regarded as one of the longest serving insurance companies in the world. Impressively, it remains just as relevant and active after 200 years. As one of the most influential international medical insurers that prides itself on its good communication with and dedication to its customers, the American insurance company draws on more than 40 years of experience in global healthcare industry to provide comprehensive healthcare and flexible options to its customers all over the world. Dated back to 1792, this American insurance company had a corporate history and which made it one of the oldest corporate entities in the world.

The current name Cigna is given for the successful combination of the INA and CG Corporation. The coined name tells the competence of joint-handed efforts made by two of the mostly-influential and highly-specialized insurance products providers and therefore to the most extent, enable its clients to choose the most suitable personal insurance plans in regard to comprehensive healthcare, wide-ranged medical coverage as well as flexible options in case they are in short of.

The mainstay of its insurance programs includes the ever popular life insurance, dental cover and individual health insurance plans. However, CIGNA actually offers more than that, with Medicare insurance being one of the top performers in the company. This is further divided into Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription drug plans. Over the years, both have gained remarkable traction with the senior citizens market.

Within the industry, CIGNA is often perceived as company that is not shy on innovation. Coupled with good work ethic exhibited by the operational staff, many impressed customers have lined up to do business with the company.

CIGNA - The Excellent Choice

The company prides itself of being able to offer a useful range of products and services that address issues related to health and well-being. Additionally, these healthcare products are easily customizable, yet affording even more convenience to its customers.

Owing to its long-time close relationship and active working experiences with major healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical corporations, and healthcare services providers, Cigna is able to access the world of medical treatment, comprehensive healthcare and flexible options in a way that no other American insurance company can. With an effective network of over 10,000 medical partners, Cigna supports over 300,000 satisfied clients—individual, international organizations and corporate groups—in more than 150 countries around the world. By applying its rich experience and high-valued professionals, Cigna has the ability to offer such comprehensive, flexible and insightful plans that all of its competitors in the modern international medical insurance industry can never come to achieve, let alone surpass.

CIGNA in China

Cigna emphasizes specific insurance features for the Asian market and especially Chinese market. Indeed, Cigna's  international medical insurance expertise has allowed them to developing comprehensive health insurance plans. China has become one of the most favorite destinations for all the expatriates living and working outside their home countries. In order to achieve a strategic framework of building and expanding its business scope in Asia-Pacific area, Cigna Corporation started working with China Merchant Group in 2003 and hereinafter Cigna & CMC was founded. The partnership between Cigna & CMC is committed to offer its policyholders working or living in China one of the most comprehensive healthcare, medical treatment, high-quality service products and flexible options. By clearly comparing the differences between the Chinese market and its domestic one, CIGNA & CMC provides the Chinese market with three different plans, namely, Silver plan Cigna & CMC, Gold plan Cigna & CMC and Platinum plan Cigna & CM. Each of them is customized to serve for either Asia-Pacific countries or global or non USA specifically the usual and customary level of comprehensive healthcare needed. And for being the leader in expatriate health insurance industry, Cigna & CMC is able to offer a fully delicate healthcare product that delivers the same high-quality all over the world.

The close relationship we established with reputable international insurance companies has helped us as it has enable to secure the best premiums, which we pass onto our customers. Our business is also boosted by a team of highly knowledgeable advisors, who are determined to find you the ideal Health Insurance cover.

Having us as you broker will be fully transparent and we guarantee that you will never pay more choosing us as your International Healthcare plan advisor.

Our operation is entirely aboveboard and transparent in the sense that we derive our income solely and purely when you decide to acquire an insurance plan. You can rest assured that what you pay will not go towards some hidden fees between insurance.