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MSH (Mobility Saint Honoré)

MSH Health Insurance background

MSH (Mobility Saint Honoré), specializing in providing international/expatriate health insurance for corporate employees, individuals and their families worldwide, it is a French insurance company founded in 1972. Originally committed to provide comprehensive expatriate insurance services and TPA (Third Party Administration) services globally, MSH has experienced considerable growth and achieved progressive development both at home and abroad. At present, it is represented by four offices locating specifically in Paris, Calgary, Dubai and Shanghai, People’s Republic of China (PRC) worldwide and customers in over 150 countries.

With the help of advanced network supported by local authority and easy access provided by its representative service offices, MSH is capable of maintaining its globally effective healthcare performance with its geographical mobility.

Since it has been frequently mentioned among expatriates for its competitive price/cover ratio and geographical mobility, especially French people working and living in China, this French insurance company still kept on working for offering first-class insurance services to internationally mobile people around the world and around the clock. Flexibility in geographical areas is offered, with the possibility to choose a China only cover plan.

Besides its competitive price/cover ratio and geographical mobility, MSH China offers one of the largest direct-billing service in China. In regard to the development of internet and information technology, easy access to internet in terms of medical payment can be very helpful and convenient. Therefore, delivering comprehensive direct-billing service center plus its price competitiveness and flexibility in geographical areas as its supporting evidences, every policyholder of MSH China is guaranteed to get the medical care and health service they deserve.

In 2001, MSH started to operate in the Chinese market. With the local authority and easy access provided by its Shanghai office, MSH is capable to offer its clients benefit solutions and comprehensive health insurance plans. As an important global player in the international health insurance market, MSH is working together with a group of well-known insurance companies and financial organizations and owning to its well-designed social network, MSH has developed its particular aptitude for innovating social welfare plans for those expatriates living and travelling in China.

Recently, MSH China has witnessed its progress and development resulted from its innovative products, superior services, strong leadership and social responsibility. In 2009, a joint venture between Shanghai Tai Kai (STK) and MSH was established and for blending STK’s domestic resources with the expertise and power of MSH. Since MSH China is designed to help the expatriates working in the Chinese sections of the international companies get health benefits and medical insurance whenever are needed, it is positive for us to believe that choosing MSH can guarantee the clients get any care or treatment timely and professionally.

At Azuria Life we are insurance advisors. Naturally our priority is to ensure our clients getting the best insurance cover, not working towards the bottom line of the International Medical Insurance providers.

We strive to provide our clients with accurate and qualified information, so that they are able to benefit from their choices of international health insurance products. Working regularly and closely with International Health insurance companies with significant worldwide presence, we strive to provide you Health Insurance free quotes as well as a wide choice of International medical insurance plans. That has been our motivation, still is, and will continue to be, as we make sure you find the most optimum Health Insurance plan for your personal and/or business needs.

The close relationship we established with reputable international insurance companies has helped us as to secure competitive rates, which we pass onto our customers. Our highly trained advisors can find for you the best Health Insurance cover with a competitive price.

Our operation is entirely aboveboard and transparent in the sense that we derive our income solely and purely when you decide to acquire an insurance plan. When you decide to enroll on a health insurance plan please be reassured that there is absolutely no hidden expenses, and no extra fees. This is the reason why our customers have chosen to work with Azuria Life, the surest way to best possible healthcare plans with the best possible prices.