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Now Health

Now Health Insurance background

Now Health International is a company with head office based in Hong Kong and has regional service centers in Hong Kong, Dubai, and the United Kingdom.

They always put customers first, deliver their promises, think ahead and value people.

Their products are underwritten by AXA, a well-known medical insurer, and made to be comprehensive. Their services are clear and relevant so you won’t be surprised about what is and isn’t covered and you know exactly what you pay for.

Thanks to their provider network, you don’t have to pay upfront to have access to healthcare all around the world. They propose a continuous cover from country to country in most cases and you can have access to information online from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, Now Health is concerned about the environment. They try to reduce their carbon footprint by decreasing the volume of printed paper they generate and use sustainable materials.

At Azuria Life we are insurance advisors. Naturally our priority is to ensure our clients getting the best insurance cover, not working towards the bottom line of the International Medical Insurance providers.

We strive to provide our clients with accurate and qualified information, so that they are able to benefit from their choices of international health insurance products. Working regularly and closely with International Health insurance companies with significant worldwide presence, we strive to provide you Health Insurance free quotes as well as a wide choice of International medical insurance plans. That has been our motivation, still is, and will continue to be, as we make sure you find the most optimum Health Insurance plan for your personal and/or business needs.

The close relationship we established with reputable international insurance companies has helped us as to secure competitive rates, which we pass onto our customers. Our highly trained advisors can find for you the best Health Insurance cover with a competitive price.

Our operation is entirely aboveboard and transparent in the sense that we derive our income solely and purely when you decide to acquire an insurance plan. When you decide to enroll on a health insurance plan please be reassured that there is absolutely no hidden expenses, and no extra fees. This is the reason why our customers have chosen to work with Azuria Life, the surest way to best possible healthcare plans with the best possible prices.