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Comprehensive Individual and Family Medical Insurance Benefits

Inpatient benefits Coverage for Individual and Family:

Like regular International Medical Insurance plans, Healthcare plans for Individuals offer several levels of cover.
The first level of cover available within an Individual Healthcare plan is Inpatient (Hospitalization) which typically covers medical expenses when you are hospitalized.

This includes the cost of the Hospital as well as Clinic room for yourself or any dependant under your plan. It also includes treatment received.

Hospital daycare coverage typically includes the cost of medication, medical exams you need to undertake (x-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, Laboratory tests...) as well as prescribed medication . Surgery is also generally covered under Hospitalization benefits, whether or not it is part of Inpatient surgery.

Outpatient benefits Coverage for Individual and Family plans:

Individual Health insurance plans can also cover Outpatient benefits. Individual Outpatient Healthcare typically includes the cost of medical consultations whether you go and see GPs or Specialist.

Dependants will also be covered for prescribed medication. Medical coverage benefits for Individuals also include medical test ( X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans, Laboratory tests...). Some complementary medicines such as acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chiropractor, Psychiatric treatment may be offered as options to your Individual Medical Insurance plan.

Maternity benefits Coverage for Women:

Maternity benefits are optional and available as part of your Individual Medical plans. Maternity benefits usually have waiting periods. Its length depends on each Healthcare provider. Your Individual Health insurance plan may offer coverage from pre-delivery test, complications arising during delivery or diagnostic tests. Post delivery may also be covered, as well as new born coverage.

Dental benefits Coverage for Individual and Family:

Dental benefits can be either belong to "routine dental" or "major dental treatment". Depending on your Individual Health Insurance plan, coverage may include both types of dental cover. Dental care such as Paradontics or Orthodontics are usually part of "major dental treatment".

Your Individual and Family Healthcare plan my have waiting period for Major dental treatment.

Wellness benefits:

Wellness benefits usually include medical checkups. Some insurers also include vaccination under Wellness benefits.