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Tuesday, August 7, 2012 Posted by Raphael

insurance doesn’t forget Hollywood

        Even Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman need insurance for they own or related to the movie in which they perform. To get an insurance related to a movie, all begin with choosing what/who is an essential element of the movie. It can be a person, but also a part of the body. The amount of the contract can sometimes exceed hundreds million dollars ! For example, in the case of Terminator 3, Arnold Schwarzenegger was named as an essential element of the movie, involving the insurance amount of more than $2,5 million. But this amount is ridiculous compared to the bond cost that the International Film Guarantors should have paid if the star had abandoned the film. Indeed, this amount is more than $181 million.

The huge power of insurers in Hollywood

Sometimes things turn bad for the stars. Insurers are linked each other. And when a star leaves a film before the director declares the end, insurance company has to pay huge amount of money. Then, it can be difficult for a star to get trusted by insurers. In Hollywood, these people are known as “the uninsurable”.

Nicole Kidman, central actress of Moulin Rouge, injured her knee when filming. Then it resulted two claim arguing delays and an insurance loss of $3 million. A few month later, she quits the making of the movie “Panic Room” only 3 weeks after the beginning of the shooter because of her knee. If the producer had not decided to continue shooting with Jodie Foster, it had certainly resulted in a $54 million claim. But they still had to pay $7 million related to the delay and additional expenses. The result of all these claims was that Kidman’s career turned down for a while. As we explained before, the amount of money involved to ensure the star had become too expensive. Some people said that at this time Nicole Kidman’s career was in limbo, because no one was willing to pay the amount given by the insurers.

What this coverage really is ?

The financial coverage is not the only element of the insurance regimen in Hollywood. Indeed, periodic medical examinations are required during the shooting, which include testing for illegal drugs, or sometimes continuous medical treatment. In the case of Nicole Kidman, she was required to take doses of medicine daily, for her thyroid. More surprising, movie star are restricted doing particular type of activity in period of shooting, like riding motorcycles, surfing, of flying planes. Any shot which involve possible injuries for the movie star is automatically cancelled. Another solution is to replace the actor/actress by another person only for the sensible shot.