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Monday, September 10, 2012Posted by Manon

China and (tobac)'co

     Did you know China is the largest consumer and supplier of cigarettes? And not because China's population is over 1.3 billion! In China a lot of people use to smoke everywhere at anytime, in restaurant, lift, corridor, shop… It’s common for Chinese to offer cigarettes before they begin a conversation or ask for a service. Smoking tobacco in China is a social habit and it’s very polite to offer cigarette. Tobacco is omnipresent in Chinese life: at home, at the office ... Before, women were considered as prostitutes when they were smoking; but even nowadays you don’t see a lot of Chinese women smoking.

And the lifestyle is affected. According to studies on the dangers of tobacco, 1 million people died every years from diseases caused by smoking tobacco. And , in 2050, if nothing changes, it would be 3 million people, according to the Ministry of Health. A total that exceeds deaths from cancer!

The habit is so steeped in customs; it will be difficult to convince people to reduce tobacco consumption. More, the tobacco industry is so important in China, it may be very difficult to bring down the rate of smoker.

Since 2011, it is forbidden to smoke in enclosed public places in China. In theory at least, because habits are difficult to change and no specific penalties are stipulated. Now you can find a smoking sign right next to an ashtray!

As you know, in China cigarettes are very less expensive (around $1.60) and you are tempted to buy more often without always knowing what you actually buy. You should know that most of the time, brands of cigarettes in China are fakes. These fake cigarettes are more toxic: labs have found insect excrements, coal and even pieces of plastic inside…

Even if you already know reasons not to smoke, let me remind you some of them:

  • Tobacco increases the risk of developing cancer, it’s the largest risk factor for cancer
  • Smoking is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, before 45 years old, 80% of heart attack victims are smokers.
  • Tobacco increases and triggers allergic reactions.
  • Tobacco plays a role in the activation of an asthma attack. It aggravates the frequency, timing and intensity of asthma.
  • Chronic bronchitis is mainly related to smoking, it is responsible for more than 2, 5 million deaths each year all around the world.
  • The occurrence of wrinkles due to a degradation of the elastic fibers.
  • Bad breath.
  • Yellow teeth…

But smokers you aren’t hopeless! There are also some encouraging things if you decide to quit tobacco:

  •  20 minutes after the last cigarette, the heart rate go back to normal
  • In 24 hours:  
           - The risk of myocardial infarction starts to decrease.

     - Carbon monoxide is eliminated and no longer detectable in the body.

  •  2 days later, there is no more nicotine in blood
  •  2 weeks later, your sense of taste will return and regain lightening skin color.
  •  3-9 months later,  breathing improves
  • After one year, the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by half


If stop smoking is too difficult why not try electronic cigarettes?