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International Health Insurance products

You want to make sure that your requirement can be matched with the medical insurance you are buying. Our offerings include a variety of international medical insurance plans suitable for students, teachers working abroad, expatriate community and frequent travel executives. If you have to travel to China, international medical insurance plan is what you need to safeguard your stay there.

International Health Insurance plans are made up of a comprehensive range of healthcare products. You can check on the individual product by clicking on the different categories presented above to see how they would work for you. We are pleased to inform you that we provide free insurance quote, and we are always ready to support you with our utmost professional services.

International Healthcare Overview

All international healthcare products for China are quarantined renewable and they are your best bet against risks. They are broadly divided into 4 categories: Individual, Families, Corporate and Teachers. Regardless of the reason that you have to be in China (you may be on short business trip or long extend holidays), a comprehensive and adequate coverage will be handy to protect yourself against unanticipated risk.

Individual Health Insurance

This gives individuals a great option to shield from the medical risks & enhance a sense of safety. The international medical insurance plans are renewable so you have complete freedom to decide if you like to continue or discontinue your plan at the end of the term.

Group Health Insurance Plans

For group insurance, we cater for situations where more than five persons are to be covered. This insurance plan is also commonly referred to as corporate insurance. There is more flexibility in association of this insurance plan & we allow customization on such plans..

Family Health Insurance Plans

These are meant to cater to the family segment of the market. Essentially they are no different form individual medical insurance plans but expanded to include members of your family, e.g. for that upcoming child or existing children.

Teacher Health Insurance Plans

Teacher Healthcare plans are applicable for all teachers of all ages teaching English in an international school in China.The premium chargeable will be dependent on your current location of residence and age bracket, but nationality is not a factor here.

Your Ideal International Health Insurance Plan for China

Here at Azuria Life, you can find wide range International Healthcare plans for China. We provide free advisory and free quote and we would definitely welcome your query on any related issues. In addition, you will be pleased to note that our responsive customer service does not come at a cost to you since our administration and support work is offered free of charge.

International Healthcare Coverage

Here on our website, you can only find health insurance products that are guaranteed renewable, be it Individual health insurance, Family healthcare or group medical insurance cover. All our plans are applicable for US Citizens residing in China and just about anybody else. Regardless of the reason and the whereabouts, either long-term holiday maker or frequent travel business executive in China, you want to have an assurance that your overall well-being is secured against unanticipated risks, and this is where we can fill in the gap.