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Here you will find resources that will give you some information about the International healthcare insurance system. Help and Frequently asked questions will also provide you with a better understanding of the various International Health Insurance products currently available.

Intelligent Hospital search

Are you looking for a specific medical treatment next to your residence in Shanghai?
Take a look at our database to find the closest and most suitable Medical facility in an instant.

Maternity Healthcare 

If you plan to have a baby you can take a look at our Maternity section in order to learn more about important aspects related to Healthcare and Pregnancy.

Healthcare in China

Healthcare Frequently asked Questions

In this section you will find some insight about how International Health Insurance plans work. Whether you wish to travel or move out to a foreign country to work or study these Frequently asked Question will help you understand which International Health insurance provider is right for you.

Glossary of International Health Insurance terms

Azuria Life explains the most useful terms related to International Healthcare. You will get a quick insight about how International Health Insurance plans work.

International Healthcare articles

Would you like to know more about healthcare and medical conditions?
In this section we have gathered informational articles about some common medical conditions..