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International Medical Insurance plans for Schools & Teachers

We can offer Health Insurance to Schools and Teachers. Like group plan the more teachers the more discount. It is important to point out that School and teacher medical insurance plan can be renewed.

We provide free healthcare quotes and advices so that you can gain a better overview on subjects related to school Healthcare benefits and coverage.

Protection unexpected health risks

Schools are offered several levels of cover benefits as follows: hospitalization, outpatient, chronic condition, dental, Wellness and maternity benefit. For more details, you may check our section regarding School and Teachers Table of benefits. Family members can also be included as dependants inside most school plans. We can offer additional discount depending on the number of members on the plan..

Some plans also offer optional insurance benefits in the form of yearly medical checkups, chiropractor service or vaccination benefits.

Our role as an independent medical insurance advisor is to give you unbiased and qualified information in order to help you to come to the most ideal global medical insurance for teachers. Our close relationship with major international insurance companies means that we are well placed to provide the best service in relation to your choice of insurance plan.

All our staff members are well trained with years of expensive behind them. They will use their knowledge and expertise to help you find the most appropriate and comprehensive insurance cover and also bring down the insurance premiums through deductibles. The objective is to find your ideal medical insurance coverage at the most competitive price possible.

Additionally, you may want to speak with advisors if you are currently suffering from some chronic condition. They will be helpful to advise you on the most appropriate International Health Insurance solution for your pre-existing condition. For larger groups we can offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions.