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Healthcare in China

Here you will find resources that will give you some information about the International healthcare insurance system. Help and Frequently asked questions will also provide you with a better understanding of the various International Health Insurance products currently available.

Health Insurance in China

Find out about Healthcare in China and about the importance of traditional Chinese Medicine in modern China. Healthcare in China has developed quickly  within the last 15 years.

Shanghai Intelligent Hospital search

If you are looking for a specific medical specialty in Shanghai please take a look at our Shanghai Hospital search engine, it will give you relevant information where to find the right facility for you.

China Hospital List

List of Hospitals in China hospital will assist you in finding a well known hospital near your location. This is an important information resource to consult in case of emergency.

Health Insurance in Shanghai

Shanghai offers the choice between public and private medical facilities; alongside with economic prosperity, Shanghai has seen its private healthcare boosted.

Health Insurance in Beijing

Beijing is being recognized for its capability to deliver world class healthcare. Similar to Shanghai the Private Medical sector is developing swiftly and offer English Speaking doctors in several medical facilities.

Azuria Life China Blog

Are you keen on learning more about Healthcare facts or advice? Then our Blog is the place to go!