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Corporate Healthcare & Group Health Insurance Plans

All group insurance plans are renewable. As the name implies, this provides medical coverage for employees. Additionally, this type of health plan comes with a built-in discount scheme (on the premium), in accordance to the number off employees you have. Another attractive feature of group insurance is that it offers tremendous flexibility when compared to individual medical insurance plan as insurance company is usually willing to customize your corporate healthcare plan just to accommodate your business needs. In addition, the health benefits offered are often considered better.

Sometimes it can be confusing to choose from an array of insurance companies, let alone picking the right health benefits. If you have trouble doing just that, then look no further than our experienced advisors, who are ever ready to come to your assistance & to guide you through the many international health insurance plans. You can always reach us through our hotline service. You can also expect a free quote on medical insurance after the initial round of consultation.

Group insurance plan - Protection for your employee

All Corporate healthcare products for groups are renewable. Customers are free to decide on a number of levels of cover, namely hospitalization only, Hospitalization & outpatient insurance cover, chronic condition, dental and maternity cover. Please refer to our Group Insurance Table of benefits for further details.

This Group Health Insurance plan does not restrict on the employees alone to be covered. If you desire, you may decide to include your kids and spouse into your group insurance plan. Some insurance companies actually provide additional discount on premium when family members are added to the scheme.

Depending on the health benefits you are looking for in your group insurance, individual company may have different offerings. For that matter, there are also a handful of them which provide complimentary cover, like your yearly checkup at the hospital, chiropractor service and vaccination.

In areas where direct settlement service is available, group health insurance customers are able to use this service to avoid usual hassle to pay-first and claim-later, letting the health provider settle the charge directly with the insurance company.

You are encouraged to discuss with our experienced advisors on matters related to corporate healthcare products. Once we establish a clear understanding to your business requirements, we will follow up with a free group medical insurance quote that reflects your corporate needs, the number of people employed by your business and the location of their work place.

Through a step-by-step guidance, you will be led to a number of potential health insurance plans that you can subscribe to; and you can be rest assured that this pool of candidate plans are going to come from only those reputable insurance companies.

As mentioned earlier, direct billing is available dependent on your city of residence. Additional measure we put in place to ensure that your claim process is as hassle-free as possible; group insurance customers can claim medical charges through email submission. Our group insurance plans are designed with the specific healthcare needs of companies of all sizes, from SME to the very large international enterprises, so we you'll always find a product that suits you.

Flexibility is an inherent part of employee medical plans are they can be tailor made to customers’ full satisfaction. Some common inclusions requested by the customers are maternity and/or dental cover, chronic conditions, short-term travel insurance plan, personal accident etc.

Our team of experts always strives to provide the best services possible, and that includes reducing your Corporate Healthcare plan premiums, e.g. through deductibles.

If any of your staff is suffering from a pre-existing health condition, it is advisable you talk to us as we are well-positioned to know some insurance companies/plans that do not penalize this pre-existing medical condition of your staff. Family members of employees (dependants) can also be insured under this corporate healthcare plan.