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Comprehensive Group Medical Insurance Benefits

Inpatient benefits Coverage for Group Healthcare plans:

As in the case of other Health Insurance plans, Group Healthcare plan offers numerous levels of cover. Hospitalization is usually the first level of cover. Customers of corporate hospitalization healthcare scheme are protected from medical expenses related to hospitalization.

Essentially, all charges that ocurred during your (and that of your employee) stay at the Hospital or Clinic room is covered by the insurance company; the same applies to expenditures on associated treatment.

Hospital daycare treatment refers to all costs arising from medication, medical test for patients (including but not restricted to x-rays, MRIs, CT Scans and Laboratory exams), alongside with prescribed medicines.

When it comes to surgery, it is typically grouped as part of Hospitalization benefits, regardless it being the Inpatient surgery or Outpatient surgery.

Aside from discounts, one of the most important feature of Group plans is the ability to add and withdraw members from the plan regularly.

Outpatient benefits Coverage for Group Healthcare plans:

Another health benefit of group medical insurance is referred to as Outpatient coverage. Group Outpatient benefits can help to absorb the cost related to medical consultations, with either a general practitioner or a specialist. Members insured are also protected from any charges associated to prescribed medications.

Other group health insurance benefit covers medical exams such as MRIs, X-Rays, CT Scans, Lab tests, etc. There are also plans that include complementary medicines such as Chiropractor, Homeopathy, acupuncture and Psychiatric treatment, but they are usually offered as optional coverage under Corporate Group Health Insurance plan.

Maternity benefits Coverage for Group Healthcare plans:

Maternity cover can be included as part of your group health benefits but pay attention to the benefits covered as this may vary from one insurance company to another. It is though a common practice for pre-delivery test, diagnostic tests and even complications at time of delivery to be included. You may wish to know certain health benefits from certain insurance companies can extend to post delivery as well as new born cover.

Dental benefits Coverage for Group Healthcare plans:

Under this scheme, dental benefits are typically categorized into "routine dental" or "major dental treatment". Some individual/family insurance plans provide coverage for both categories of dental coverage; again please check the dental benefits offered by individual insurance company. Please take note also certain dental cares like Orthodontics or Paradontics are grouped under "major dental treatment".

In case of major dental treatment, there could be a waiting period as specified in your individual and family healthcare plan.

Wellness benefits:

Wellness benefits usually include medical checkups. Some insurers also include vaccination under Wellness benefits.