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Comprehensive Medical Insurance plans Quotations

Individual Health Insurance Quote

This gives individuals a great option to shield from the medical risks & enhance a sense of safety. The international medical insurance plans are renewable so you have complete freedom to decide if you like to continue or discontinue your plan at the end of the term.

Group Health Insurance Quote

For group insurance, we cater for situations where more than five persons are to be covered. This insurance plan is also commonly referred to as corporate insurance. There is more flexibility in association of this insurance plan & we allow customization on such plans..

Family Health Insurance Quote

These are meant to cater to the family segment of the market. Essentially they are no different form individual medical insurance plans but expanded to include members of your family, e.g. for that upcoming child or existing children.

School Health Insurance Quote

School plans offer specific Healthcare plans which can cover teachers and students in China. The plan can be customized to offer tailor mad cover according to your needs and cover priorities.

Your Health is our Priority

Get the international medical insurance coverage that is the most adapted for your needs. Our International health insurance plans are specially designed for international exchange students, foreign teachers, expatriates and their families. International Health Insurance plans will make your stay in China  safer.

International Health Insurance plans are made up of a comprehensive range of healthcare products. You can check on the individual product by clicking on the different categories presented above to see how they would work for you. We are pleased to inform you that we provide free insurance quote, and we are always ready to support you with our utmost professional services.