Beijing International Medical Insurance

Healthcare in Beijing

The public hospitals in Beijing usuall meet Foreigners expectations. It has a lot to do with the long wait queues and the quality of healthcare may also be undesirable there. Instead, the local expat communities are often dependent on private hospitals and clinics. These private practices are the preferred options; for both urgent and normal medical assistances. Most Beijing locals, on the other hand, have to stick to the public hospitals as private medical treatments are simply too expensive. They have to join the long queue at public hospitals, which further worsens this peculiar situation.

The private practice in Beijing is dominated by western-trained physicians. They often come from English speaking countries, with majority of them being Europeans or Americans. Besides that Traditional Chinese Medicines are also common here. The practitioners of TCM are usually the local Chinese doctors. These two represent the mainstays of the Beijing private healthcare each operating independently from another.

In recent years, China has benefitted a lot from global trade. The economic benefits resulted from the country’s economy has spilled over to many states and this has further improved other sectors in the cities, specifically Beijing healthcare. Undoubtedly, the city is being recognized for its capability to deliver world class healthcare.