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Comprehensive School and Teacher Medical Insurance Benefits

Inpatient benefits Coverage for School and Teacher Healthcare plans:

Similar to International Healthcare plans for Groups, School Health Insurance plans offer multiple levels of cover.

The first and most important level of cover is Hospitalization, which offers cover for hospital and medicine related expenses when you are admitted to hospital.

If you are on a School healthcare plan, the room charge at the hospital or clinic is paid directly by the insurance company.

Prescribed medicines during hospitalisation also fall into this scheme so that you are able to make a claim on the medicine charges. Hospitalization also covers any medical exam that you may have to undergo (Laboratory tests, CT Scans, x-rays, MRIs, etc...) while being hospitalised. In case of Outpatient surgery, you will be pleased to know that it is also generally part of Hospitalization benefits.

Outpatient benefits for School & Teacher Medical Insurance plans:

Outpatient treatment belongs to another class of Health benefits. Outpatient health insurance cover typically offers doctor consultation charges paid by  the insurance company when he or she makes a visit to a Specialist or a general practitioner.

If there are dependants listed under the plan, the cover will also be extended to them as well. Outpatient benefits also includes medical test such as X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans, Laboratory tests, etc. Subject to your preference and requirement, you may also wish to extend your cover to include certain complementary treatments like Chiropractor, acupuncture, Homeopathy, or Psychiatric treatment, etc. These will be the optional cover for your basic plan.

Maternity benefits for School and Teacher Healthcare plans:

Maternity cover is another health benefits that can be provided as an option. It is generally optional and commonly associated with waiting period which may vary from one insurance provider to another. School Maternity cover also typically cover pre-delivery test, diagnostic tests or even complications at time of delivery, please ask one of our advisors for more in depth information about Maternity coverage. You may wish to know certain health benefits include post delivery as well as new born cover.

Dental benefits for School and Teacher Healthcare plans:

Under this scheme, dental benefits are typically categorized into "routine dental" or "major dental treatment". Some plans provide coverage for both categories of dental coverage; again please check the dental benefits offered by individual insurance company.

Please take note also certain dental cares like Orthodontics or Paradontics are grouped under "major dental treatment".