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Bupa Health Insurance background

As the biggest UK insurance company and historically headquartered in London, Bupa has offices on three continents and over seven million customers all over the world. First established in 1947 and then had been involved in providing healthcare cover for decades. They stand out for for bearing the commitment to provide comprehensive health cover and international medical treatment to expatriates whenever and wherever they are in need of, Bupa now has become the leading UK insurance company which can provide healthcare support and maternity benefits to individuals or employees working in international companies located outside of their home country.

Bupa Health Insurance Quality standards

Looking into the development of Bupa’s development, it is easy to notice its provident prospect and flexible strategies. Ever since the successful acquisition of IHI Danmark in 2000, Bupa came to understand the ever-changing needs of these expatriates living around the world and tried their best efforts to provide them the most suitable and comprehensive health plans. More recently, Bupa had established an office in the People’s Republic of China and this action, once again, proved Bupa’s commitment for providing expatriates working and living in China the most comprehensive healthcare options which can complement the existing China healthcare system.

At the same time, Bupa still keeps on maintaining its core values of providing expatriates with the high-quality and cost-efficiency pregnancy health cover plans. Now, Bupa has become a well-known UK health insurance company famous for dedication in maternity, health and fitness as well as comprehensive medical treatment. For being one among the most insightful UK insurance companies, Bupa has no shareholders and which enables it to make full use of its profits to invest in pregnancy health cover, medical facilities and healthcare services around the world. What’s more, it has been constantly working on offering its clients the timely updated plans and the best maternity benefits options when it comes to either individual or corporate group plans.

In order to accomplish this goal, Bupa, on one hand, plays an active role in preventing disease and illness by providing wellness centers where individuals can receive annual check-up and health assessments regularly; on the other hand, commits to spend more time and effort in improving their healthcare corporate plans especially their strong point in pregnancy health cover as well as the networking system of direct-billing service centers worldwide. Owing to their client-oriented purpose, Bupa can always make the clients be assured of having comprehensive support services and fully-covered maternity benefits no matter where they are and with the support of powerful network that reaches the very corner of the globe, Bupa is able to provide its clients with assistance no matter what their situation is. With offices located in different areas of the world, Bupa is able to offer nearby quality support to its clients. Having been working closely with its network of hospitals, clinics, doctors, partners and intermediaries, Bupa is dedicated to offer its clients the convenient way and easy access to first-class medical care, timely pregnancy health cover and comprehensive maternity benefits. With the highest respect we believe that for choosing Bupa, you are making an easy access for your bright future.

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