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AXA Life: an experienced Insurer

AXA Life is offering competitive insurance plans to foreigners working and living in China, showing the potential in building up the cooperative working relationship between Chinese company and French insurance group.

AXA, serving as the wholly owned subsidiary of the AXA Group, one of the world’s leading specialists of life and savings, property and casualty, international insurance (including reinsurance), asset management and other financial services since 1985, and which is ranked as the ninth largest company in the world (based on revenue), can definitely meet its clients’ specific healthcare requirement such as comprehensive healthcare plans featured in price-competitiveness and global accessibility owing to AXA’s strong financial support and stable service of direct-billing system in insurance industry. Headquartered in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, AXA S.A. (AXA Société Anonyme), a French global insurance association, has been working on providing cheap insurance plan and discount health plan to people living abroad and those who travel frequently.

Despite being written in upper case, AXA is not an acronym, but was chosen because its name can be pronounced easily by people who speak any language and same as its international healthcare services which can realize global accessibility timely owing to its direct-billing system.

Similarly, AXA Life has adhered to the basic principle of providing the cost-effective medical treatment in expatriate care with excellent plans featured in price-competitiveness and global accessibility. Aiming at offering cheap insurance plan with geographically flexible coverage, AXA Life had launched its business in Chinese market step by step and stood out its domestic competitors for offering full medical coverage to serious diseases like cancer as well as its international rivalries for price-competitiveness and global accessibility.

Besides, AXA also offers substantial discounts on both family plan and corporate plan according to the number of employees. For individual plan, special discount is given to family members. If the family has more than one child, they can benefit from specific discount.

Our focus has always been for clients to get the most appropriate and adequate advice, so that they are able to benefit from their choices of international health insurance products. Working regularly with major insurance companies with worldwide presence, we make sure that we use our knowledge to help you find the most optimum insurance plan and furnish you with free quotes for your personal and/or business needs.

Throughout the years, we have stayed lean and mean, and we guarantee that you will never pay more choosing us as your international healthcare plan advisor.

Our relationship with the health insurance companies is totally transparent in the sense that we derive our income solely and purely when you decide to acquire an insurance plan. We wish to categorically state that what you paid will not go towards some hidden fees between insurance brokers and insurance companies. This is what motivates the customers to choose Azuria Life, as they will benefit from the best possible health insurance plans at the best prices.